Ben Butterworth Parkway16

East of Captain's Table: Quad City Young Professionals

Bass Street Landing Area: Quad City Rowing Club

Celebration Belle to Captain's Table: Quad City Young Professionals

22-55 St & River Dr

Browning Park

2.8Keith & Tammy Verbeke and Haley15 St & 22 Ave
Butterworth Playground1.9First Presbyterian Church of Moline15 St & 7 Ave
East End Playground2.5Friends of Moline46-48 St & 4-5 Ave
Floreciente Triangle Moline Kiwanis6 St & 6 Ave
Garden Center 

Gardens Adjacent to Building: Moline Conservatory Center, Inc.

Ginnie's Butterfly Garden: Steven Mueller

3400 5 Ave

Greenvalley Park/Complex350Available48-70 St & 52 Ave
Jefferson Park23.7Neighbors of Green Acres & Rolling Hills3010 26 Ave
Karstens Park1.7Karstens Park Keepers6 St & 23 Ave
Kiwanis Bike Trail 

I 74 Overpass to Rock River Bridge: Daby Johnson & Friends

48-60 St: Banaszek Family

Kiwanis Park1Moline Kiwanis18 St & 13 Ave
McCandless Park95.9Hidalgo Park Group1 St & 6 Ave
Millennium Park9.5The Quad City Rotary Club79 St & 34 Ave
Miss Pattie's Park Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities8 St & 34 Ave
Optimist Park1The Osborne Crew27 St & 18 Ave A
Peterson Park15Pals of Peterson Park35 St & 7 Ave
Prospect Park25Prospect Park Advisory CommitteePark 16 St & 30 Ave
Riverside Park55Moline Little League31-34 St & 5 Ave
Stephens Park19Center for Belgium Culture7 St & 15 Ave
Stephens Square Moline Activity Center 
Sylvan Island36Sylvan Island Dreamers2 St & 1 Ave
Velie Park3.5Overlook Historic Neighborhood Assoc.11 St & 11 Ave
Veterans Parkway9Illinois Liberty Alliance60 St and 56 Ave
23rd Avenue Available 

Adopt A Park Partnership Goals and Objectives

Park Department / City of Moline Responsibilities

The Adopt A Park Program has been established by the Moline City Council and the Moline Parks Department for the purpose of developing quality parks through partnerships with the citizens of Moline. All partnerships have shared responsibilities. A sample of the suggested responsibilities of the City and the program participants are outlined below.

  1. Schedule and Facilitate Meetings
    Public Works conference rooms and the Garden Center are both available to schedule meetings.
  2. Aid in Development of Formal Annual Park Plans
    Parks Operations Manager and Municipal Services General Manager are available to assist specific park plan development.
  3. Provide Technical and Administrative Assistance
    The City of Moline has Engineers, Electricians, Plumbers, Equipment Operators, Public Relations and Administrative support available to Park Operations staff for larger project
  4. Provide Horticultural Assistance
    City staff is available to advise as to appropriate plant species for planting, bed design, care of trees and scrubs, when to prune, fertilizer application, etc.
  5. Provide Low Level Maintenance Materials
    The City has available resources for paint, paintbrushes, hand tools, trash bags, sand and other low-level maintenance items upon request.
  6. Coordination of Staff and Equipment
    City staff will coordinate employees and equipment for larger projects after the projects have been reviewed and approved.

Adopt A Park Sponsor Responsibilities

  1. Organize and Schedule Low Level Park Clean Ups
    Suggestions: pick up trash or papers from trails, and rake leaves from fence corners.
  2. Submit an Adopted Park Plan
    Submit a plan for improvements to your park by the end of February each year for City staff approval and coordination.
  3. Plan Low Level Maintenance Projects to Partner With City Employees
    Graffiti removal, paint park equipment, prune and plant flowers and bushes, trim low branches, spread sand in playground areas.
  4. Adhere to Basic Safety Guidelines and Procedures
    Utilize basic safety equipment when necessary (i.e. safety glasses, gloves).
  5. Make Suggestions and Recommendations for Park Improvements
    Look for new uses and attractions to bring more people into your park. Seek funds; seek corporate partnerships, grants, Hold fundraisers for major park improvements.

Please contact us to learn more about adopting a park.

City of Moline Adopt A Park Contacts: Laura Duran, Moline Park Office, 524-5420; Rodd Schick, Park Operations Manager, 524-2410, Doug House, Municipal Services General Manager, 524-2401